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I was the last guy to fly out from our NXNW Mafia Group. Monday night Rick Louie was gracious enough to tour me around town for a few brackets and some great food and comradery before I left. It just so happened that the sky just exploded in front of us in the Denver City Park and Magic was captured again, we had a blast and finished the night off with a great dinner at Steuben’s Food Service, a popular “as seen on TV” location, Food was awesome! The Denver skyline, the Rocky Mountains….Ahhh.

Thanks, Rick! it was a blast, a great night to finish off the tour.

The memories from this trip will be embedded forever, watching the sunrise on Mesa Arch was moving to say the least, with over 2,300 snaps of the shutter and 56+ Gigs of memory used up, there are quite a few more shots to come.

Till next year, when we toast an anniversary toast to the NXNW crew!

Cheers, thanks for stopping…stay tuned!

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  1. Great shot. It’s kind of nice to be the last one to go. I love the way there’s an opening in the clouds and that beautiful light coming through.

  2. Awesome shot Mike. i was there in the park but didn’t have the great light and clouds as you. Amazing how different the park looks (of course your great processing helps).

  3. That was a fun night! I’m not happy with my shots that night. Your shot came out nice. Come back anytime!

  4. I love the shot of Denver. However, the beer lover in me really likes the shot of the taps! I’m so torn… Nice work, Mike!

  5. Lovely images, Mike. Came over from Rick’s site and you both have awesome shots of this amazing view. Great shot of those beer tap handles too!

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