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Know Thy Self – More of some recent Pittsburgh Urban Exploration

More interesting finds roaming around in some of Pittsburgh’s forgotten neighborhoods. This was an old school, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The public school closed in June 1980 and has been empty since that time. The building was later purchased in 2000, in hopes of creating a community center and daycare on the premises. Unfortunately not enough money was raised for the $8 million renovations; therefore it was sold in 2005 to a local developer. The current plan is to develop this into public housing. After seeing the architecture on the outside I would love to get inside this old beauty. Check out some other parts of the building…

11-2014 Urbex

The shot above is another side entrance, the doorway was amazing and the heads up top along the gutter were a bonus for sure, the bottom two shots are a closeup of the intricate details of the doorway above and a row of heads above another doorway on the opposite side of the building as the one above.

11-2014 Urbex Crop

How cool are these? for a school!
11-2014 Talking Heads

Thanks for stopping, I hear the Empress is up to no good….be warned!

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  1. Very cool urbex shots Mike. I passed through there last year and I am sorry I didn’t stop.

  2. That’s some amazing intricate archwork. Very cool!

  3. You located some really nice places to capture on this trip, Mike. Good stuff, man.

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