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Keep Out-Weber House, The Palouse

The last of the Golden Hour light at the Weber House in the Palouse. I thought I would have another look through my Weber House images after seeing a fellow #NxNW buddy’s Mark Garbowski and Dave Wilson post another shot of this great place last week. I found another set of pano shots I took using the shift feature on my 24mm tilt-shift lens. This place obviously gets a lot of traffic with Photographers, we were told that the Keep Out, No Trespassing signs were a result of people damaging the crops around the house.

Hard to believe one small sign could keep people out of the vast area surrounding the house but for the most part it did the trick, we saw a lot of people that evening and everyone kept off the property. I thought getting the sign in there made for an interesting shot, especially with the pano highlighting the vast area where the house is located.

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  1. Nice one, Mike. As they say “Hey, black hat!!!!” :-)

  2. very cool image and I agree, the inclusion of the sign helps out – great light too!

  3. Beautiful Mike. I’ve been away and haven’t commented much but I’ve really enjoyed we’re recent posts.

  4. AWESOME shot, Mike, I love that Keep Out sign and the touch of irony that it introduces into the scene!

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