I recently had a Wild Hair up my butt and decided I was going to try and get some water drop shots since there was a break in the weather and things finally starting to melt(for now). I hate shooting in the cold, my fingers hurt along with other things when I do yada yada but I braved this one in the blustery 40-degree temps LOL.

So..Here is something new from me, no HDR, just a bit of the macro world, testing my 100mm 2.8L on the full-frame with some drops of water. My parameters- the 100mm 2.8 L on the 5D Mark III, ISO was set to 100, shots were taken on a tripod as the sunset in my front yard, one exposure on a 2 second timer, focused on small branches in my front yard landscaping, towards the sunset…..see what you think. These are straight from the card, with just a bit of noise reduction and cropping, the sun flare in the drops are real and really cool I thought.  Makes me think of what in the world is out there if ya just look a bit closer if you can see this kind of detail in a drop…think about it…

These are all shots cropped slightly, then followed by a second view, up close and personal crop with the image flipped 180 degrees for a snow globe effect so the details of the small world can be seen. This was just a practice run,  cannot wait till it gets warm…with creepy crawling creatures!

Thanks for stopping, let me know what you think

If you look close in the “Snow Globes” you can see our front walk, our driveway, our rusted Ford Explorer, and the neighbors houses…cool!

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  1. Really good work Mike! Moving back to Hawaii next month and finally will have time to get the camera out and make some new images. You and Julie may have to come over and give me some processing lessons. :)

  2. Cool!! Its always interesting to try something different and to get as good a set of results as these first time round only makes you want to try more!! Great work, Mike.

  3. These are fantastic Mike. Love the “snowglobes.”

  4. Amazing macro shots, Wiz!
    These really make you want to dive into the macro photography world. Good stuff!

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