Jordan Pond

 Jordan Pond Panorama, Acadia National Park

One of the nice uses of the 24mm TSE lens is the ability to shift the lens for easy, no headache panorama’s without any fancy panorama gear, I am sure it is not the perfect way but for me it is quick and easy and the sharpness of the 24mm lens is awesome when it is all said and done. This was taken as some fog was still in the area with occasional breaks in the clouds and some pockets of blue sky, the conditions made for a nice backdrop for the iconic Bubbles in Acadia. #nXnw2014

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  1. Dude, that is one of the reasons I would crave for that lens! Beautifully done!

  2. Mike, sweet shot!! Always wanted to visit that place! 24mm lens….would love to add that prime in the collection!

  3. Fantastic Mike. Jordan Pond is beautiful and you’ve certainly done it justice.

  4. Killer shot my friend. I wish I had taken a pano there now that I see this.

  5. dude you just killed it here, great shot!!

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Jordan Pond Panorama