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Hi Everyone! Happy Friday….TGIF !

I must say, if you love HDR, Urbex, and endless compositions, this is a place you have to visit. Ask Scott Frederick, Jim Nix or any number of bracketing buds, this place rocks!

ESP, better known as Eastern State Penitentiary is located  smack dab in the middle of a metropolis in Philadelphia PA, the shots and Dynamic range is this place is endless….bring spare memory cards. This was a multiple exposure HDR captured with the 7D and Promote Control.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Mike, sweet shot! That place was made for HDR’ing!!!

  2. Awesome shot Mike! I have got to get there some day!

  3. WOW this is an amazing shot Mike. I feel like I’m being pulled straight through that hallway.

  4. Sheer awesomeness, Mike! Maybe someday I can get there and give it a go.

  5. Nice capture and processing Mike

  6. Fantastic textures and an excellent vanishing point. This place is definitely on my HDR bucket list.

  7. Sweet gritty goodness! One day… Well done Wiz!

  8. Fantastic shot, Wiz! Great vanishing point down the corridor.

    This is on my list for this year. Can hardly wait to visit.

  9. Eastern State is such a great place to take photos, especially HDRs. I’ve had the honor myself.

  10. Awesome shot Mike. I have tons of images from there and it is truly a location not to be missed.

  11. I am reading a novel about a guy who was in ESP. The author paints a pretty bleak picture of the place but nothing compares to some of the great HDR images I have seen of this place, including this one. Nice job, Mike.

  12. Great perspective Mike. Most of the shors I’ve seen from here are in smaller spaces; it’s good o see a larger POV.

  13. looks great man! I think I have that exact same comp from there LOL

  14. Whoaw, this is awesome, Mike! Love that wicked vanishing point, and all the details from the years of natural decay are totally splendid my friend!

  15. Mike, love that place!! …and they allow tripods!!! …for some extra $$$!! Great shot!

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