History….Hysteria….The EMPRESS

since 2009 the Empress series has run on my blog and other sites and she really has allot of fans, but she has NEVER let other photographers capture her essence……until NOW

Hysteria I

While sailing into the port of Boston her security entourage noticed that Lawrence Massachusetts might be the route she wants to go, lay low and visit the historical sites like the Lawrence History Center, see her ancestors that may have worked in the mills, feel and live the culture, stay out of Boston City Center and lay LOW.

A great plan but the Boston Paparazzi had other ideas, famous names like Mike Tully, Robert Lussier and Steven Purlmutter got inside information from a confidential source that the Empress would arrive at the Historical center, after hours of course,  she was dressed to the Egyptian 9’s and for a brief moment she allowed the paparazzi mob to photograph her Epic visit, she was quickly whisked out of the area by Donald Trumps private Helicopter after her security team called… enough is enough.

A quick landing at Salvatore’s Restaurant, paparazzi and all, ended the afternoon with a great dinner and fun time had by all. Great seeing everyone again and meeting some new faces.

Hysteria II

A great time in Massachusetts with my Empress and Photog Buds! Hopefully, they got some Empress action as well, check out their sites!

Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Coffee is all over my monitor! Seeing the expression on Bob’s Face is classic! Well done!

  2. Now I’m jealous! I love the Empress. Absolutely terrific images Mike and what a brilliant idea.

  3. This turned out so much better than I thought it would (and I knew it would be great)!

    A fun day! So glad we got to meet royalty!

  4. Looks like no more than the attention you would expect for the Empress!

  5. haha great pics Mike, everyone loves the Empress!

  6. Too bad I couldn’t be one of the Empress’s groupies but it looks like she has them everywhere.

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