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Saturday was a photo excursion with a fellow Flickr bud Michael S. and my mission was testing some new gear and busting some brackets. I recently was blessed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III full-frame, so I decided to sell a few odds and ends, one sale was my favorite Empress lens, the Tokina 10-17 Fisheye. Sad to see it leave the bag.

So what do you get to replace a great Tokina fisheye…hmmmmm. Maybe the widest Fisheye Zoom lens for a Full Frame DSLR on the planet, I introduce you to my new favorite lens, the Canon 8-15 F4 L Fisheye Zoom….. These first few bracketed HDR’s were at MAPS air museum, always a great place to shoot when it’s cold in Ohio. This new lens made MAPS a whole new world to photograph, meet my new toy the Canon EOS 8-15 F4 L USM Fisheye.



This lens is Crazy Cool if you like shooting wide. I thought my 16-35 2.8 L was gonna be sweet on the new full-frame, it was sweet until this baby arrived. This has to be the most unique lens I have owned, and like I said my new favorite. Most people who know and follow my work know I am a bit different, that’s just me and what makes me me, but this lens is definitely gonna compliment my style.

Knowing I was going to MAPS, I had this next shot in my mind, I shot it a few years ago, but needed to revisit with the new gear. This is the Spirit of Akron Goodyear blimp Gondola, on display at MAPS.

Spirit of Akron Goodyear Blimp Theaterwiz

So, lets get a bit closer to the cockpit of the Spirit of Akron…..

Spirit of Akron Goodyear Blimp Theaterwiz


Now….Lets see what this beast  REALLY can do-

I set up mt 5D on a tripod with the new 8-15 glass, approximately 3 inches away from an antique time clock, here are the setup pics that show how close the lens is to the actual clock…I had to extend the third leg of the tripod to get the camera as close as I wanted due to the legs hitting the base of the clock. I could have gone in closer if it were not for the tripod legs.







Here is the 15mm version from the 5D positioned 3-4 inches from the antique clock glass case pictured above, no crop or editing-

Let’s zoom this out to 8mm now on a full-frame sensor, notice a FULL 180 degree angle of view, you can see tripod legs, my flat screen on the wall, wires on the back of my surround system, and dog hair! This is the same position as the previous shot, just zoomed out to 8mm. Yes, there is some purple fringe at 8mm, but a closer look zooming in on the PC and the lens is as sharp as ever, true signs of the “L”.

There you have it, the first look at a really fun lens through my eyes. If you are looking for a fun, really WIDE lens for a full-frame sensor Canon, look no more, this lens rocks. More to come with this baby!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I thought 10mm on my cropped sensor was wide, 8mm on your new full frame is just Crazy!! Good stuff Mike!
    Congrats (Digital Optics) Chuck Fagan..

  2. There’s something about the Wiz that loves a fisheye. Your passion really comes through in these images and in this post.

  3. I thought 15mm on my full frame body was pretty darned wide but 8mm! I presume the lens starts vignetting the minute you reduce the focal length from 15mm and keeps going until you end up with the circular image at 8mm?

  4. I can feel the excitement! Congrats to you Wiz and from the looks of these test images, the new toy won’t be new for very long!

  5. That is crazy cool Mike. I love the interior shots of that plane. I can feel your excitement.

  6. Obviously something fishy going on here but very cool!!. Great shots, Mike.

  7. I knew those would be some amazing shots! Thanks for the shout out also!

  8. Amazing shot from that bad boy, Wiz. I love fisheye shots and this lens really produces some awesome images.

    Congrats on the new fav! :)

  9. wow looks like someone is having some fun out there!! :-)

  10. Oh Boy – I want one of them! Those first three images are stunning. Not just the view but the processing too.

  11. That’s quite a cool new toy you have got there Mike. Terrific images. Can’t wait to se what else you do with it.

  12. That is just mind-melting, Mike! I can only imagine what you’re going to do with this baby once you open ‘er up! It sure was cool to see the different shots you posted showing the performance of this glass. Love it.

  13. Now that’s wide. You seem to find the best places to shoot.

  14. Nice work! You get the shooting angle spot on!

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