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This place is about 10 minutes from our house, I visited before on a tip. I heard from the same guy they were tearing the place down. Most of the windows are removed and big open gaping spaces are left. I thought I would check the place out again since it was so close. The lighting was totally different from the first visit, so it made for a new scene. I couldn’t believe this car was still in the building with all that has been torn down and vandalized but there it was to my surprise, and happiness!

When I originally shot this I had a couple of comment’s to the effect that I photoshopped the car into the first series of photographs, given the location was inside a building, but this second visit should prove this baby still exists, as strange as it may seem.

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  1. This is killer Mike. Love everything about this from the grit to the editing.

  2. Nice urbex shot here, Mike! Love the color and detail!

  3. Impressive photo, very well taken and use of wide angle. Love the colours and texture, congratulations!

  4. What a great find, Mike. This could not have been staged better but the fact that it is NOT, really makes this very special. Love the shot, man. :-)

  5. dude, that is bracket city, very cool!

  6. Absolutely EPIC, Mike, I love this!!! You’d never get me out of a building like that, especially with such great remnants to explore with your camera! Great stuff here, Mike, top drawer.

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