The Grand Palace Theater

 Grand Palace Theater – Canton Ohio

The Grand Palace Theater

A few months ago I had the opportunity to get inside the recently restored Palace Theater in Canton Ohio. I have been in there a few times before the restoration and I was excited to see the restored version. I was a bit disappointed when I got in there, the lighting changed dramatically from before. The pre-restoration lighting was dark but workable as I have fired some shots off in there before. The newly restored lighting was much darker, almost too dark to shoot, to top that off  I had a TSE lens which was not extremely fast. The Palace is very strict about photography inside the Theater, NO photography allowed. I sent a couple of emails and got permission to shoot the place for an hour in exchange for a monetary donation to the Theater. So there I was an hour to shoot and it was too dark to see the controls on my camera.

I made the best of it and photographed what I could, all very long bracketed exposures, so this by far from the perfect shooting conditions but when it was all said and done I made the best of it. I have been sitting on these for a while not sure if I wanted to process them or not, but I came across a great frame last weekend, 12 X 36 gold and ornate and the first thing that came to my mind was how perfect it would be for this pano of the theater so I printed it this week and it looks pretty cool so I thought I would share the pano here, it is lower resolution for the web but you should get a feel for the place.

The Palace was built in 1929 and is on the National Register for Historic Places. This was a three frame (7 brackets each) Pano taken with the 17mm TSE.

Have a great weekend, thanks for looking!

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  1. Even in a dark light environment this image came of fabulous. I love the rich colors and wide angle. Reminds me of those Scientology magazine covers I get every now and again.

  2. If you didn’t elaborate on how dark it was, I wouldn’t appreciate the great work you did here Mike. Awesome image.

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Grand Palace Theater