Golden Hour at the Andy Warhol

Golden Hour near Andy Warhol Bridge

The beautiful Andy Warhol bridge in Pittsburgh PA.(7th Street Bridge)  The only bridge in America named after a visual artist.

I took this last September when I was in town for some shooting. The North Shore area is a great place for sunrise/sunset shooting, especially when the sky lights up with colors. I was actually trying out a loaner 17mm TS-E Lens which took some getting used to, especially in the dark. Quite a few of my shots were a bit blurry while I was experimenting and I was a bit disappointed when reviewing them, allot were throw away’s but I did manage to get it right on a few, this was one that I was happy with any really proved how sharp this lens is, the beautiful morning helped out a bit as well. Overall a great lens I am thinking about.

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  1. It is pretty. Exciting colors. ;)

  2. Beautiful image Mike. I’d love to see and hear more about the Tilt Shift lens. I’ve never used one but am thinking of trying it. A little scary though :)

  3. Love these great purple hues of color, Mike. Wonderful shot!

  4. This is a killer shot Mike. The composition coupled with the details in the bridge and buildings make this pop off of the screen.

  5. Nice shot of the bridge and city! You shot at just the right time! Excellent work as always!

  6. Killer image, Mike (as usual). I love those warm colours.

  7. Such wonderful colors. Great job, Michael.

  8. you got some serious color that day man, nice!

  9. I am so much looking forward to working with a TS lens in the near future for our architectural work. This shot is a terrific example of the clarity and power that this lens can bring. Great shot, Mike, great colors in the sky and fabulous details in the city! Love it, my friend.

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Golden Hour-Andy Warhol Bridge