Golden Hour at Weber House…In the Palouse

One Great Night

There quite a few Photog’s when we arrived at the Weber House a bit before sunrise, they were milling around and some were yelling at those who were closer to the house to get down and get out of the way, which we thought was quite comical at the time. We were also afraid that when the sunset arrived it could be a mess the way this group was acting. What was really strange, as the day began to end and the sunset crept closer, they all vanished, just leaving our crew. It looked like it was going to be a rather bland sunset but in the end, those who waited were treated to this scene, the sky lit up for a short period of time and made for a beautiful sunset.

Have a great Holiday weekend!

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  1. Love it! Love the sky, and the pano crop is perfect.

  2. That was the most productive evening of an amazingly productive (and fun) trip! Lovely shot Mike.

  3. WOW…gorgeous Mike. I love the colours in that sky.

  4. Love this point of view Mike. You guys had great weather compared to my visit. Nothing but overcast for me.

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Golden Hour at Weber House