Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Another from the Archives, this was from a trip to San Francisco a couple of years back, I was shooting an up and coming business and flew out for a quick visit and did have some free time to spare. Having never been to the city this was one of my first stops. I decided a long exposure was in order. The waves were crashing rather hard and the clouds were perfect for LE as well. I thought the contrast in the sky and water made for an interesting look, especially in black and white.

Winter in Ohio makes for some lousy conditions to shoot in, gray, more gray and not many opportunities unless you travel a bit or the dreaded blanket of Great Lake clouds decide to lift for a day or so and lets the sunshine, so having allot of archives is a must for me. Since I like to mix things up, I normally do not post a whole series of shots on any one location I shoot at, I like to save some for the archives to revisit. This helps when you cannot get out and get new material and also brings back nice memories of the particular trip or outing. I would like to get back to this area, I only had a few days and was on foot most of the time so exploring was limited this visit.

Speaking of exploring, #nXnw 2015 is in full planning mode and my airline tickets are purchased! Looks like this years destination is the great Northwest, Palouse! Should be a great trip and looking forward to it.

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  1. Awesome Mike! Ft. Point is the best view of the GGB!!

  2. No many how many times I see this bridge, I still love it. Terrific Mike.

  3. I love this in b&w, Mike! Never seen one like this before, this really stands out my friend! Terrific drama and expression here!

  4. The images and the article are just great. I like a lot all the images, with a plus towards the tunnel ones. Also the conclusion is very wise!!!

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Golden Gate