GMC 370 Essex Shipbuilding Museum Workhorse

GMC 370

On Friday of our #NxNW trip, we were still waiting on the arrival of several others in the group, that morning we shot the sunrise in Boston and those of us that were in town made our way up the coast a bit to several locations, one of them being the Essex Shipbuilding Museum located in Essex Massachusetts. This was a great little town, we actually stopped for lunch at one of Mike Tully’s favorite places, JT Farnham’s. After lunch, we made our way to the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. This was a very interesting place full of history and all kinds of displays and very unique vehicles. This old GMC was rigged with some long towing outfit on the rear of the cab, most likely use to move the working boat and ship displays around. This thing had way too much character to pass up.

This little town was really interesting and I will definitely put this on my list when I return next year with the Empress, the town was saturated with small little antique shops. I am sure I will have more shots of the Museum and this area as I work through all my files.

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  1. LOve the perspective on this shot Mike. Excellent.

  2. Great shot Mike! I love these old trucks. I definitely wouldn’t pass up this gem either!

  3. I don’t think you could have torn me away from this, what a terrific find, Mike!! Great shot, full of raw character, I love it!

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GMC 370