Welcome back to beautiful Canyonlands National Park near Moab Utah with the NxNW Crew. I thought I would present a couple of variations of this beautiful place and share some shots of the crew at Mesa that morning, what a morning it was. The shot above was using my Canon  8-15mm Fish-eye, handheld 5 exposures, I was literally laying down right in front of the arch opening, and this is not a small arch, this lens is amazing on a Full Frame camera! The shot below was taken after the sun hit the peak in the arch (the famous starburst in the arch shot), the glow inside is just incredible when the magical light starts evolving and changing at sunrise…it really is magical, the colors and light change by the minute even after the “Money Shot”. Now, I thought I would share some shots of the crew below, enjoy!

8-2013 Gimme More Mesa II

Meet the NxNW Crew at the Arch, starting with two of the best guides around. What a pleasure it was meeting everyone!

Justin Balog- Hossedia.comNxNW4Rick LouieNxNW2Bob Lussier-Check out his Mill Workshop !NxNW3Mark GarbowskiNxNW5Dave Wilson– Take note of the small Jeep in the shot, getting framed up by Chris Nitz out of the frameNxNW6Chris NitzNxNW7


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  1. I love this Mike. That first image is a killer and I love to see all the “boys” in action. Ever let any girls join some of your photo trips :)

  2. This post is so Pro.
    Brings me right back to sleep deprivation, tonal compression and a hearty breakfast.
    And Folgers.

  3. Mike, that shot rocks!!! No pun intended!! LOL Love that flare!! Sweet group of photogs!!! We need to make Photographer trading cards!!

  4. Hey look at us! And look at that fishy arch. Nice job, Mike.

  5. These are really great shots, man. So nice to see you guys out there having fun while creating.
    Wonderful series, Mike!

  6. sweet shot bro, but who are all those jokers you are hanging around with? ;)

  7. Nice group of shots and it looks like you guys had as much fun on the 2013 NxNW outing as we had on the 2012 installment. Still dissapointed that I couldn’t make it.

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