Gay Fish Co.

“I’m talkin’ about a shrimp-catchin’ boat. I’ve been workin’ on shrimp boats all my life. I started out on my uncle’s boat, that’s my mother’s brother, when I was maybe about nine. I was just lookin’ into buyin’ a boat of my own and got drafted. My given name is Benjamin Buford Blue, but people call me “Bubba”. Just like one o’ them ol’ redneck boys; can you believe that?”  Bubba Blue, Forrest Gump

On my drive back from Hunting I came across the Gay Fish Co located on St. Helena Island. This place was tucked away in the marsh and fairly hard to get to so I opted for a shot from the road using a zoom. I was hoping for a better sunrise but it got cloudy quick so the lighting and color I witnessed on the beach faded away quick that morning.

Some fun facts on The Gay Fish Co. during the filming of Forrest Gump, tho owners at the time Bob and Hilda Gay provided the shrimp used in the shrimp boat scenes, and their shrimp boat “Miss Hilda” can be seen in the film when Forrest is naming his boat “Jenny”. The Vietnam scenes were all filmed on Hunting and Fripp Islands.

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  1. Fishing boats “in a field” ;)

  2. Better light would have been nice, but the blue trim on that on eboat provides a nice bridge from the blue sky to the contrasting muted gold of the foreground.

  3. Love this scene, man. I’m all in on boats. :-)
    I think the foreground grasses of the marsh add a nice contrast to the blue sky and white boats.

  4. Nice work.. Looks like they are sitting in a wheat field.. Nice effect..

  5. Well Bubba Blue… this photograph is outstanding. The long grass, smattering of boats, and light swirl all together to create a winner of a shot. Great work!!

  6. yes great work and i love these pictures and movie :) thanks for sharing

  7. Another fun fact is Robert (Bob) Gay is the man responsible for creating Frogmore Stew or more widely known as Lowcountry Boil. Also the Vietnam scenes from the movie were largely filmed on Dataw Island as well as Hunting but not on Fripp.

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Gay Fish Co.