Gateway Sunroom

On a recent Sunday road trip to fetch some vintage goods for the Empress, I decided to take my camera with me to photograph an older courthouse in the town we were headed to to visit. I skipped the courthouse because the skies were crap and the light was harsh. On the way in we passed this great roadside Motel sign, the Gateway Motel. I stopped on the return home. It was a great little old-fashioned roadside place, most likely from the 60’s-70’s.

Gateway Motel II

I found out after a little research the hotel owner was arrested in 2010 for drug trafficking, which was probably the demise of this place. I thought this would be an appropriate shot for this week as a top-secret group of talented photogs including one from Germany will be meeting up in Detroit soon for some urban exploration in the Motor City. Multiple cameras and Drone will be invading Motown soon, looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing great urbex.

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Gateway Motel