Full Bloom

The beautiful Yoshino Cherry blossom along the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. I made a quick trip over to our Nations Capital with hopes of capturing some of these beautiful trees and maybe catching peak bloom. The trees did not disappoint at all, I believe they called for peak bloom a day or so before I got there but I was close enough in my arrival to catch allot of color. 

The trip started out fine until I made my way into the National Mall, I got a phone call on my walk to the Metro station that a family member passed away, so that pretty much put a damper on my first day in town. The following morning I had plans to meet up with a longtime online friend and photog Jimi Jones for a nice sunrise at the Tidal Basin but that went down the tubes as well as heavy rain moved in making shooting that morning pretty much of a bust. We ended up walking around in the rain a bit trying to get something but eventually, we both agreed it a bust and headed for some breakfast and after looking at radar and seeing rain was around for the entire day I headed west back to Ohio. I have had better trips but you cannot fight mother nature, I did end up getting a few keepers and it was a pleasure meeting Jimi after so many years.

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