Flight Deck II

Hi everyone, thanks for the visit! Welcome aboard the flight deck of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point, Charleston South Carolina. You could not imagine my Happiness when I asked the small little gray hair lady taking money for tickets if I could take a tripod on board……She did not know what to say, I had my Gorillapod just in case, but she looked at me funny and said “I have seen all kinda weird things on the ship, I guess a tripod would be allowed”   Bingo! back to the car for the pod!

There is nothing like being on the deck of a United States Aircraft Carrier, there is no greater feeling of power and United States Air and Sea Superiority, and to think this is a museum!

The shot below was a favorite after looking at the brackets, I really liked the flare, as always thanks for the visit and have a great weekend!

Flight Deck




© 2012 Michael Criswell Photography

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  1. Nice one, Mike. I particularly like the reflection of the landing gear and wheel in the puddle.

  2. Outstanding images Mike. Very nice job on the processing!

  3. Love the flare on the jet Wiz! I’ve talked to that little lady, but did not go on the boat – probably should have though! Good stuff!

  4. Sweet Mike!! Plane windshield – luv the color!!

  5. These are really cool! GLad you we able to take the ‘pod on board!

  6. Nice capture and processing Mike.

  7. Great shots Mike and I agree the second shot is awesome. I love it when you’re allowed to take a tripod with you to places like this.

  8. Cool, Mike. I got to sail on the Yorktown when I was in high school as a guest of the Navy. Probably why I later enlisted.

  9. Very cool, I love when these places gives us access with tripods. A lot of these pleases won’t people bring a lot of camera gear to places like this.

    Great shots.

  10. Epic! Great character in that plane, my friend, and I just can’t get over the great details found in both shots! Brilliant!

  11. Sorry it took me so long to get back to your new site Mike. It looks fantastic. Hopefully now you can have an area you can truelly call home :) love these new photos you’ve been posting BTW! I went ahead and updated your link too. Also your feels a little slow in loading, just an FYI.

  12. What a fun time this must have been, shooting on a carrier. Great images, Mike. That first image is killer with the water on deck and the reflection of the landing gear. Really nice touch.

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Flight Deck of The Yorktown