Fisher Towers

Fisher Towers Utah nXnw 2013 on the road to Moab

This is one of those shots that I kept in the files and never really processed or looked at until a few days ago, funny how that happens. This was a stop on the way to Moab in 2013 with a great group of people. We had just finished our stop at the ghost town of Cisco Utah and we were making our way towards Moab, our destination for nXnw 2013, my first adventure with this group. This was one of those spots where you are getting really close to your destination and then this kind of scene pops up, Fisher Towers, everyone in both vehicles immediately pull over to the side of the road and in seconds a bunch of men erect their tripods and such and go into action. When yo have never experienced scenery like this your juices start flowing and it is an exciting feeling to see what is in store the rest of the trip.

The Fisher Towers, named after a miner who lived near the area back in the 1800’s are well-known for rock climbing in the area. The different combination of colors and textures really caught my eye in this scene, from the brush in the foreground, the red towers and the snowy peaks, pretty much had a bit of everything.

The plans for nXnw 2016 have been set, looks like Grand Teton National Park, I cannot wait.

Thanks for Looking!

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  1. Great scene! Ready for the Duke to coming riding out on his horse!

  2. Haven’t seen this angle before and I love it Mike. Will look for this spot in March when I am in Moab.

  3. yep that’s a great scene Mike, lovely shot!

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Fisher Towers