First Light at Mesa Arch

First Light at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park Moab Utah. I thought I would revisit these images. We arrived way early at the arch, you have to to get a spot, there are normally a bunch of people with the same idea as you when you travel to photograph this arch. Tripods and human legs intertwined to fill every possible angle around the Arch. Since you are set up early, waiting for that magical sun to peek over the horizon through the arch there is a bit of waiting for that magical light. This shot was prior to the sunrise but the light was starting to get bright, nothing else to do but snap frames.

Almost every picture you see of the arch is color, with the sunrise, so I decided to go black and white with this pre-sunrise shot and see what it would look like. Although the sunburst through the Arch is still my favorite I really like this B&W version as well, a different look for this beautiful arch.

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  1. I have to say I do love the color version that you took of this scene but the B&W is wonderfully unique.

  2. Love the B&W treatment on this iconic arch. I will be there next week and hope to get a good spot.

  3. What a morning that was! You did a fantastic job of avoiding all the tripod legs of the other dozen photographers fighting for a shooting position! :-)

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First Light at Mesa Arch