Farnham's Salt Marsh

Farnham’s Salt Marsh

On our way to the Essex shipbuilding museum, Mike Tully took us to the local, and famous,  J.T. Farnam’s. A local favorite specializing in fried clams and anything else seafood. Farnham’s has also been featured on the food network as well. I cannot say how the seafood was because I was one of the few, maybe only non-seafood eater on the trip.

Farnham’s is right on the main drag approaching Essex and overlooks a great salt Marsh that made for an inviting shot so I grabbed the camera after lunch and grabbed a few before we headed to the shipbuilding museum.

I am definitely putting Essex on my list when I come back, it was a great little New England town full of unique antique and speciality shops that you could pretty much spend a good portion of your day snooping around and exploring the area. Great call by Mike Tully!

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  1. Great looking shot, Mike. Looks like the tide was out but as long as the seafood wasn’t. :-)

  2. Cool looking shot Mike. Wish I could have been there but we were fighting traffic from NYC.

  3. Looks like lots of fun and good opportunities were had on that first day before I arrived. Nice one.

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Farnham’s Salt Marsh