Cleveland Browns Stadium

Factory of Sadness

Cleveland’s First Energy Stadium, Home of the NFL Cleveland Browns, nicknamed The Factory of Sadness by the fans

Cleveland Browns Stadium B&W


Another 30-second exposure on a blustery January afternoon in Cleveland Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie back in 2012.

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  1. I’m having a hard time choosing between the color and B&W. Both beautiful long exposures. I think I’m leaning towards the B&W though.

  2. These are such beautiful photos…I’m loving how you captured the sky and the amazing architecture of this building!

  3. What an appropriate nickname! And, I feel your pain as a Detroit Lions fan, as hard as it is to admit that… Love the long exposure and they are both great, but the BW one really stands out! Nice work!

  4. The perspective compliments the cloud direction, I vote the B&W version, great contrast in the clouds.

  5. Great nickname. The Browns have certainly had a sad history since their early days. Terrific shot. I love teh B&W rendition.

  6. Lol – I love the title. Go Steelers! Cool processing on these. I like the sky in the color version. I am really getting into long exposure photography, so this is an A+ in my books!

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Factory of Sadness