Everett Mill

Everett Mill Lawrence MA

The great thing about these NxNW trips aside from the great company is getting into great places that a normal traveller can not get into. We were lucky enough to have a couple of trips to both the Everett Mill and Stone Mill in Lawrence MA. Our host Bob Lussier has access to both of these Mills and recently had a photographic exhibition in the Historical Center in downtown Lawrence along with Steve Perlmutter. Both Bob and Steve run photographic workshop’s in the Mills at various times of the year and I would definitely recommend checking into one of them if you are in the area. We had access to several floors of both the Everett Mill the Stone Mill, these buildings are huge and offer great shooting possibilities.

They are lined with very large windows that seem to pull in the changing light from outside. I swear the lighting changes in these buildings constantly, always providing another angle or moody scene.

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  1. Man that’s awesome. I wish we could have gotten to the mill when there was more light to work with on the scenes!

  2. Very cool Mike. Nice to see your take on a familiar place.

  3. This is killer Mike. Wish I had seen it with this light.

  4. Love the way the sunlight streams into these massive spaces. Really nice capture.

  5. Wow, Mike, those are some awesome shadows you’ve captured!! Really love that light, it’s totally mesmerizing and dramatic in all it’s aspects. Well done my friend!

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Everett Mill