Even Flow

Even Flow

On the last day of our Palouse trip the few of us that were left, myself, Mark Garbowski, Steven Purlmutter and Justin Balog had a stroll around Seattle with Jacob Lucas. We had some time to kill before our trip to the airport so we had some lunch and took a stroll around town for a short Photowalk. I came across this 70’s era Ford LTD that just screamed grunge. When processing this Pearl Jam came to mind, of course, the grunge movement is also known as “Seattle Sound” started in this city back in the mid-80’s with famous names Like Pearl Jam and their famous Ten album, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots just to name a few.

When I saw this old beast sitting back in a driveway I couldn’t pass it up.

Thanks for looking!

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    1. Mark, this was almost the end of the walk and everyone was about spent, I looked over and there it was, funny thing I googled 70’s ford LTD with spare and a few others have shot it as well, must have been there a while

  1. yeah man that’s awesome, nicely work bud!

  2. LOVE this shot, Mike!!! I also love all the bands you’ve mentioned here… this car really does embody the whole Grunge thing, no doubt about it!

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Even Flow