Empress Executive Order #1- The Right to Bear Arms!~

Obey the Laws and Practice your Constitutional rights! WITHIN REASON… if ya have “Big Guns” shoot em at the range and be safe! Everyone knows the EMPRESS has BIG Guns and she knows how to use them, so follow her lead!

The Empress Right to Bear Arms, Theaterwiz

The Empress  just Love’s holding her  AR-15 while sitting under her Vintage Helen Curtis Hair Dryer, it gives her that warm Cozy Feeling that no matter how bad those curlers look, Everyone will Love Them!…(They never Look Bad)

The Empress Executive Order, The Right To Bear Arms

Don’t Mess with the Empress Rights!, She’s a woman and has a right to Choose. We All Do!

Disclaimer- This is not meant to be Political in nature,  we Do not own guns but we strongly believe in our right to do so if we would choose. My Camera Fires 6 Frames a second, what’s wrong with a gun doing it if you’re using it in a safe and correct manner……Or a Car that does a quarter-mile in record time….they all can hurt people.


And…I Cannot Control the EMPRESS!    Lucky Me!    PEACE!


Thanks for looking!

© 2013 Michael Criswell Photography

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  1. I love the Empress. Great shots Mike. You really need to do up a tutorial on the out of the frame technique. I’ve tried it but did soemthing wrong and failed miserably :(

  2. LOL! Fantastic as always Mike! Love the images! Adding the wolf in the background really shows just how tough she is :)

    Great work!

  3. Awesome. I support your right to bear arms and your right to Shoot the Empress!

  4. Bloody awesome, Mike! I am comin’ atcha from behind 6 inches of plated armor here just in case an errant bullet flies. Awesome, awesome images, my friend, truly top drawer!

  5. Really like this one Mike, well done

  6. Fantastic images. I just love everything about them. Best images I’ve seen in days. These will longer lng in the memory

  7. Excellent empress shots and excellent point on gun control! Use two hands!

  8. Nice “shots” there Mike & Julie!

  9. Man, the Empress has it going on!
    These are great portraits, Wiz. :-)

  10. geez dude this is a riot! love it!

  11. Great portraits! I love the processing! Great job on the OOB!

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Empress Executive Order #1