First Cell on The Right

 The First Cell on The Right-Eastern State Penitentiary

One of my favorite locations to shoot, located smack in the middle of a quiet little Philadelphia neighborhood looms this awesome structure. Anyone that has ever had the experience of shooting this place knows that it is a major drain of memory cards, this place is just to cool if you like shooting these types of scenes. For a small charge they let you roam most of the areas with a tripod in hand, if you time your visit right you may even catch a slow period where you don’t have to fight people in every frame. It was a rainy gloomy day on this visit, which was perfect.

Nothing like roaming around a haunted penitentiary with tripod in hand, thanks for stopping!

and Happy New Year!

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  1. I really love this shot, Mike. Great depth and vanishing point. Nice processed, as always!

  2. Awesome shot! I’d love to shoot there some day! But, what’s the significance of the first cell on the right?

  3. Cool symmetry and great grit Wiz! Would love to shoot that place!

  4. I know this spot quite well Mike. It is my favorite location in the penitentiary and you have done it justice. I need to get back there soon as it is not that far from home and I have family in the area.

  5. Love, love, love this Mike! Great details and textures here, Mike, they really captivated me for quite some time as I tried to really take in the scene as a whole.

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First Cell on the Right