Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake Acadia National Park

The beauty of Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park with the 2014 nXnw crew, what a great trip! I cannot wait to travel up this way later this year with the Empress, in August we will be visiting the Mount Washington Hotel for some paranormal fun. I am not sure if we will make it all the way up to Acadia but we will definitely be hitting some coastal spots for sure.

Eagle Lake is one of the many attractions in Acadia National Park and turned out to be a great stop for the nXnw crew last year, providing a great view with awesome reflections on the lake.

If you would like to see more of the trip, fellow nXnw member Scott Wyden Kivowitz gathered several shots from each of the crew members from this year’s trip and made a book. The book was actually converted to an e-book so we could share it around. It is pretty cool seeing all the different shots and perspectives from everyone, a great idea Scott! Here is a link for the e-book-


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  1. Fantastic reflections in that lake Wiz! Absolute beauty!

  2. Beautiful shot! Let me know when you are coming up. I’ll prepare a map of antique stores for the Empress.

  3. Beautifully composed Mike. That sure was a terrific afternoon.

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Eagle Lake