Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake Infrared-Acadia National Park, Maine

It was a great NxNW adventure, no sleep, good beer and great people. I am still running on empty but did not want to get out-posted by those other crazy photo bastards!  So…. Here is an Infrared shot of Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park. There is a whole lot more coming!

Check out my blog roll for Dave Wilson, Justin Balog, Rick Louie, Chris Nitz, Mark Garbowski, Bob Lussier, Len Saltiel, Steve Purlmutter, Mike Tully, Armando “Mango” Martinez, and Scott Wyden-Kivowitz,  cause between all of us there has to be a ga-Zillion shots coming your way!



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  1. Nice one, Mike! You kept rather quiet about shooting IR. I thought I was being all original bringing my IR body then Bob pulls his filter out and starts shooting IR too.

  2. This is gorgeous Mike. I can hardly wait to see all yours and the others’ shots.

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Eagle Lake NxNW 2014