Drayton Hall Plantation in beautiful Charleston South Carolina along the Ashley River, where there is greenery and a Theaterwiz, there has got to be some Infrared work as well! Enjoy beautiful Drayton Hall South Carolina in infrared! A National Historic Landmark and the only Plantation on the Ashley River that has survived the Revolutionary and Civil wars.

It’s a great place to visit if you are in the area!

Drayton Hall



Beaufort Low Country

Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend!

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  1. That IR stuff is always so interesting!

    We’re planning to go to Charleston soon, so I might be pickin’ your brain in return for that Maine information you wanted. :)

  2. When I say the first shot my first thoughts were that this was taken on a perfect snow day! I don’t think I have seen such a fantastic IR image anywhere before. Congratulations, Mike!

  3. I have been doing some research on shooting locations for my trip there this April and I am definitely adding this place to the visit list Mike. Love the infrared effect.

  4. I love your IR shots and these are no exception. Beautiful Mike.

  5. That first shot really is one of the best IR I have seen anywhere.

  6. Stunning IR shots Mike. The effect is amazing, especially when composed and executed as well as these images.

  7. Man, you have a way with these IR images. Excellent work, Mike.

  8. Some of the very best IR shots I’ve seen, especially that first one! Wow, Mike, talk about awesome, my friend, you’ve really nailed these.

  9. This is truly sensational! A very unique look at this historic site. Well done! :)

  10. Great example of an excellent IR image, Mike! Sorry for the delay – I’m still catching up on my blog reading!

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Drayton Hall Plantation IR