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Don’t Shop Here – The A. Overholt Distillery

Another shot from the A. Overholt Distillery in Connellsville Pa, it seems no matter what type of abandoned building or urbex location you visit, there is always some type chair, buggy or other interesting prop located in one of the buildings or rooms. I am sure these things are placed there with the sole purpose of photographing them by other visitors exploring the location, but they sure make for some interesting shots when you are wandering around these strange places.

This buggy was no exception, it was in one of the last buildings we went through so we took advantage and grabbed some shots. This was an interesting interior with all the huge holes in the second floor, most likely for the large stainless fermentors that were no doubt removed when the place closed. Overall a cool site and well worth the Saturday exploration.

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  1. That’s Sweet. I think I remember a shot from the upper floor looking down towards those big holes that are above here.

  2. Love the rust, dirt and grime. Love the ceiling.

  3. This is SO COOL, Mike! What a great shot, perfectly composed. You guys have the best abandoned locations down there, I’ve got to come on a visit one day!! :)

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