One of the interesting things about the Palouse area is the number of abandoned and derelict structures that dot the rolling hills. From Full standing houses like the Weber House to various size grain elevators and storage barns. You can literally drive down any road in the area and stumble across some type ofDerelict Palouse derelict building. Sometimes they are off the road back in the field and some right along a main road, like this one on today’s post. It really makes you wonder why someone would just up and leave a house or stop using a barn or grain elevator but it must happen all the time, I even see this happening here in Ohio.

I ventured inside this house and was treated with all sorts of colors, angles and abandoned fun. The picture is a bit busy but that’s what I liked about the scene, almost giving you a funhouse effect.

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  1. This is awesome! Love the color and detail. Can never get enough of urbex!

  2. Oh Wow…this is fantastic Mike. Love the colors.

  3. I haven’t had time to do the necessary processing on my shots from this house. You’ve set a high bar Mike.

  4. I too was amazed on the number of abandoned/derelict buildings. It was a nice change of pace from the landscape. This is terrifically captured and edited Mike.

  5. Interesting place, with huge amount of details. We don’t have a lot of such places, but if so, they are mostly locked in closed all over. Very fine processing on image you made.

  6. What a wonderful photo, Mike. Looks like a wonderfully fun place to visit.

  7. killer work my friend, very cool!

  8. Your Urbex stuff is the work that legends are made of Mike. To call this one incredible would be a big understatement.

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Derelict Palouse