Danger Propeller


This is another grab from M.A.P.S. Air Museum near the Airport in Akron Ohio. This place is a target-rich environment, easily accessible and when its near-zero outside in the dead of winter in Ohio, it’s a place to play with a new fish-eye lens and camera combination.

I cannot wait to get out and play with this beast some more, it has got to be one of the unique lenses I have owned. You can walk into a place that you have shot before, put the Fisheye on the camera, and a whole new world of shooting and opportunities emerge in the viewfinder.  Having a lens this wide lets you get in close and makes a normally cramped and cluttered environment open up a bit for some interesting shots you would not normally be able to get. I know fish-eye is not a favorite for all, but personally I love using them.

News in the Theaterwiz world- The HDR Collaboration is back, we are currently working on some killer Urbex shots from Scott Frederick, a great Philadelphia photog. I will keep everyone posted when that goes live.

Some REALLY COOL News- Plans are in the works for a convergence of great photographers in a really cool place, Moab Utah, I was lucky enough to have such a great wife to give me the green light on this sweet trip(Gotta Love my Empress). I am finally going to meet up with quite a few photo bloggers I have been following and chatting with online the last couple of years. This will be Epic! A great test for the new Full Frame, we are gonna Rock Moab! I missed out on last years trip but I am all in now!

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  1. This is fantastic Mike. Love everything about it!

  2. Realy nice capture Mike. Love how the fisheye adds such drama to the scene.

    Looking forward to seeing the Moab pics when you all get back. Have fun!

  3. This is wonderful, Mike! The fisheye has exaggerated all the curves and added curves where they weren’t before giving this image a clear common theme separate from the main subject.

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