Dales First Car

Dale’s First Car

This was at the Historic Round Barn of Dale’s that we explored in the Palouse, Dale told us the story of how his father built this car for him when he was jealous of a neighbors vehicle. That was over 60 years ago and Dale still has the car perched as the centerpiece of his Century-old round barn. This was a fun place to shoot and the hand-built car was really cool sitting in the entrance to the barn, and meeting Dale was a treat for everyone. Gotta love the Palouse. A couple of different views of the classic car, I think I like the B&W the best.

Dales First Car BW

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  1. I’m going to disagree and say I prefer the color one Mike. Can’t really go wrong either way.

  2. That was a cool stop in the Palouse. Great interpretations of this cool little car Mike.

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Dale’s First Car