Dales Farm

This is a shot I grabbed at Dale’s Farm in the Palouse that I thought would look good in B&W. One member of our group, Scott Starks scouted out the area days before our group arrived and found this place. He asked Dale if a group of us could come back and do some shooting, Dale did not mind so we did just that. The place was great, filled with interesting things to shoot in all directions, rusty crusty vehicles, a turn of the century round barn, a homemade car and many others. Besides all the shooting we were treated with some great stories from Dale, the current owner. The barn was damaged in a storm some time back so in appreciation of Dale’s generosity to let the 10 of us overtake his property, the NxNW group chipped in to help him with some barn restoration funds. I am sure more shots of Dale’s place will be coming soon.

A #NxNW2015 member Mark Garbowski did a blog post on Dale you might enjoy, check it out here.

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  1. Cool detail and perfect for black and white! Sounds like an awesome place!

  2. That was a great stop Mike. Unfortunately, Dale wasn’t there but we had gotten permission to shoot there the day before. Terrific image, my friend.

  3. I love this shot processed in black-and-white, it really tells a story there!!!

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Dale’s Farm