Dale's Cat

Dale’s CAT  The Palouse

Dale’s CAT, Dale owned a Historic Round Barn in the Palouse. He was a very friendly man with a great property and even better stories, he allowed our nXnw crew to wander and shoot for as long as we wanted. We even donated to his historic Barn renovation fund before we left, a fun day for everyone.

This Caterpillar was back in the weeds along with some other tractors and farm equipment, loved the lights and the look of the old beast, most likely retired by the looks of it. Another great find in  The Palouse.

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  1. That truck is looking right at me. :) Very cool shot Mike.

  2. I love how every one of us found something unique at Dale’s farm.

  3. Love the grittiness of the grill and Caterpillar name plate Mike.

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Dale’s CAT