Something different for today, no HDR

I was cruising home from work, stopping at one of my favorite Urbex locations, hoping some plywood was ripped from the windows so I could get in, I did not have a camera with me and all the plywood was intact. Then I spotted the beauty, a Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on a park feeder(Molly Stark Hospital is now a park). I was in my car, again no camera about 15-20 yards away. I hit the window switch and told the beautiful bird to stay there. (I did say that to the bird, that’s stupid I know, but guess what..) I drove home, approx 5-6 miles, popped the garage, ran in and got the rig, put on the 70-200 2.8L IS USM beast and hurried back…guess who was still there….. I must speak Hawk….So…Come Fly with Me!

Red-Tailed Hawk in Flight, Theaterwiz Photography

The shot below is a composite of 4 shots when I tried to get closer to this beauty and I apparently was too close at that point, I took a few quick snaps to capture the hawk in flight!

Red-Tailed Hawk in flight, Theaterwiz Photography

Last but not least, a profile shot

Red-Tailed Hawk, Theaterwiz, Nature

All images were captured on the 5D Mark III using the fantastic 70-200 2.8L IS USM II

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Holy FABULOUS Bat-man!
    I’d say your shots did that fabulous lens, proud ;)

  2. Wow, that guy liked you a lot! Or, he couldn’t find anything to eat while you were gone! Awesome catches Wiz – love it!

  3. Outstanding work, hawk-whisperer! ;-) Love the composite shot!

  4. Incredible captures Mike. You really must speak Hawk :)

  5. Fantastic captures, Mike. love them all, particularly the last image.

  6. Most people would have wished that they had their cameras and not driven home and return Mike. Your desire was well rewarded. Great images.

  7. You’re channeling your inner raptor, Mike, how cool is that! We’ve got some owls up here I’d like to shoot, but every time I try talking to them they look at me funny and scurry away. Any pointers?

    Great shots here, my friend, you’ve done a smashing job in sharing this really incredible bird!

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