#WE35 Expedition March-Equinox

The Equinox marks the time of the year where the sun is at the equator making the day and night equal in length. So for this expedition, I was tasked to submit two photographs. One from the day and another from the night. However, the the goal of the images is that together they have a greater meaning than when they are apart. Hopefully I conveyed the theme of this expedition. Fortunately the Empress and her hi jinks were involved and made this expedition quite fun, all because of a broken washing machine.

Coin Laundering Empress Style

Calm, cool and collected by day, menial household tasks keep her at bay…… with her machine at home on the fritz, her only solution of course…..was this…

Coin Laundering Empress Style

Day- Coin Laundry


When nightfall hits and her laundering done, She decided to have some Laundering fun! In need of some cash for a new machine, she wanted to make sure her money was clean.

Coin Laundering Empress Style

Night-Laundering Coin

We actually were wondering what the owner of the laundromat might have thought if he spotted us on the video security system, we were afraid the local law enforcement might be called. Needless to say this was a quick in and out stealth operation!

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  1. Okay, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way BUT, I think your blog should become all Empress, all of the time. She and your photos of her really rock Mike.

  2. haha, we all love the Empress Mike, nice one as always!

  3. You and The Empress are absolute rock stars! Love this post!
    Those hair rollers leading to the laundry basket in the first shot are hilarious. And what can I say about the second shot… it’s money. But you knew that already! Great stuff Wiz & Empress! :-)

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