The Ghost Town of Cisco Utah

Ghost Town


More from the NXNW tour, images from the Ghost town of Cisco Utah, one of our first stops on the way to Moab. I loved the lighting in the old building above, like some type of lighting Vortex when I crawled in and my eyes adjusted.  This place was a Goldmine of Ghost Towns! So many subjects, so little time,  I have a great Breaking Bad New Season Photo all set and ready for this summer….this place was THAT good!

One of the Icon’s of Cisco is the Post Office, a very small still intact building, begging to be photographed, so we did. I was really undecided on the lens and angle to shoot this baby, cause we all (NXNW Mafia) loved and shot this place up.  I decided to go with a 2 lens approach, I wanted a wide vast shot with my 16-35  but I also loved the mountains behind this little gem, a Little Dave W. Tonal Compression came to mind. So the first is a wide-angle , 5 brackets with Silver Efex. The second is taken with my 70-200, 5 brackets as well also finished in Silver Efex. I was happy with both after the end result.

Cisco Utah




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  1. BEautiful shots Mike. The first one is my favorite. I love the streaks of sunlight coming in.

  2. Indeed a great light pattern in the top image, and while both post office shots are great, I prefer the wide angle.

  3. Nice set of images, Mike. The interior shot is marvelous. As for the post office, I have to vote for the second shot. The mountains just set the scene perfectly and give the viewer a much better understanding of the place and the conditions it has existed in.

  4. That first image is killer Mike. The light beams and the fisheye make this an awesome shot.

  5. I’m not sure why, but I was afraid to go into the buildings. They just creeped me out. After seeing this first image I’m regretting it. Damn!

  6. These are great shots, Mike. I really like that first one with the light entering through the cracks. Good stuff!

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Cisco UT…Ghost Town