Cathedral of St John The Baptist

One of the must-see tourist stops in Savannah is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, located just adjacent of Lafayette Square it is a popular tourist stop, normally one bus after another unless Mass is being held. I have shot this place numerous time and it is very hard to get this place to yourself without a gazillion people walking around shooting with anything and everything that would capture an image. Like I said I have shot this place before, but when you are staying virtually across the street from the place it’s hard not to pop in and grab some shots.

I got lucky and caught a fairly quiet time where I could set up the tripod without many people giving me dirty looks, I used the Tilt-shift to grab a panoramic view of the beautiful interior, there were a couple people in the pews but for the most part, I liked the result. It is quite dark inside if the sun is not out in full strength so a tripod is a must but they are usually pretty good about it, although if it got quite crowded I imagine it could be an issue and they might say something but I never had a problem. These old churches are amazing inside.


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  1. Perfect symmetry here! I love symmetrical images! The lighting is perfect as well!

  2. I was there once and it was impossible to get a shot with all of the people there. Now I know the secret. Terrific shot Mike. That church is beautiful.

  3. When I visited Savannah I somehow missed to see this great Cathedral. This is certainly a reason to go back there :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Outstanding shot, man. I’d like to someday visit this church.

  5. I love, love, love these classic interiors, this one is full of rich character Mike!! Great shot, my friend!

  6. Wow, never seen the Cathedral so quiet. Your timing was perfect, Mike. When I was in Savannah a couple of years ago, I stopped by here a couple of times during my walks around the city and each time it was just packed full of tourists.

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Cathedral of St John the Baptist