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The Path

A nice little hidden gem in Pittsburgh is a pathway underneath the David L. Lawrence Convention Center located downtown along the Allegheny River. I was not aware of it myself but Brook Ward gave us a heads up so we wandered over for some shots. Normally this is actually a waterfall as well that flows down the walls and on both sides of the path. Unfortunately, the waterfall was shut down at the time due to some roof renovations but the colorful ever-changing lights were still on, switching colors every few seconds. This made for some interesting shots even without the water.

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Bed Check

This is a scene inside the Brownsville General Hospital located in Brownsville Pensylvania in Fayette County. This Hospital opened its doors to Patients in 1914. Brownsville developed in the late 19th century as a railroad yard and coking center, with other industries related to the rise of steel in the Pittsburgh area. It reached a peak of population of more than 8,000 in 1940. The restructuring of the railroad and steel industries caused a severe loss of jobs and population in Brownsville, beginning in the 1970s.

Today the town is pretty much a ghost town, there are several buildings on the main street totally abandoned including banks, rail terminals and this Hospital. The Hospital announced it was shutting its doors around 1976 and has sat empty ever since. The Hospital itself was in pretty bad shape. Almost all of the old equipment and furnishings were removed and most of one wing was totally caved in. This place will not be standing much longer.


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