Can Tou Dig It

I spotted this beast while driving home from work Tuesday afternoon, I decided that Wednesday morning I would take the camera with me and if the clouds were good to get a shot of this Deer. I was torn between the fisheye and wide-angle and being half asleep still I threw on the wide-angle. In hindsight, I should have used the fisheye for a more dramatic effect that I was shooting for. I even decided I was going to scrap the session and go back with a fish, then that night I started playing with the shot and realized the clouds were really cool so I just stuck with my original brackets and was quite pleased with the result. Good thing because the clouds have been terrible since then with this hot weather we are having and the next day they moved the beast to the opposite side of the field where sunrise would not be an option.

This was a 7 exposure shot processed in Photomatix…Can ya Dig it?

Have a great Weekend!

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  1. Super cool Mike! The sky rocks!!! Def dig gable!!!!

  2. I love a good construction HDR shot!

  3. I can certainly dig it and I do. Great shot Mike.

  4. Good decision not to scrap this one as the clouds provide that extra something to the image that a bland sky just could not.

  5. I would PAY you for a step by step tutorial on how you took the shots and how you used photomatix ! email me.

    1. Hi Alex, I would be glad to help you no charge, I do not have your email so email me dude

  6. always take the shot when you have a chance my friend! glad you did, it’s awesome! thanks for the kind comment on my article, I appreciate that!

  7. There was no need to pass on this nice shot. Really came out great.

  8. That certainly is one heavy piece of machinery Mike. The sky adds a lot to the image and the processing is amazing as usual.

  9. Great view of the machine.

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Can Ya Dig It?