Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal

Located on the East side of Buffalo the Buffalo Central Terminal still lurks on the skyline. The terminal operated from 1929 to 1979 and then was left abandoned, a fate that so many of these great old structures come to meet. The building was left abandoned for years until a non-profit organization acquired the main office tower and baggage buildings with the goal of restoring and repurposing the building.

We stopped by this location on our way to New Hampshire, it was a really cloudy day that made for some dramatic skies. The structure itself is in a pretty bad area of Buffalo at least that was our impression as we walked around the area, we both had that weird feeling and were always looking over our shoulder. Like all these old structures there are stories of being haunted and the main office building has been on several paranormal TV shows.

Buffalo Central Terminal II

As far as the restoration, they have a lot of work to do. We could not get inside so all of our observations were from outside but the buildings are in bad shape and the cost to restore something like this has to be astronomical. From what we saw, it looks like a project that could be doomed. It is nice to know that the intentions are there but it just may be too little too late. I believe there are several events planned there through the year and a letter to request interest for development proposals, so maybe there is still a bit of hope for this grand place.

Buffalo Central Terminal III

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Buffalo Central Terminal