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Bristol Motor Speedway under a Big Tennessee sky

On our way to Asheville, we made a little side trip to Bristol to snap a few of the Speedway. I have stopped here before but not with my camera, this place was easy to access both times I have been here, they have tours but normally leave the speedway gates open the same hours as the museum. Not seeing any warning or signs you can just walk on in and explore at your own will, which in this day and age sporting sites with this type of access is few and far between in the world we live in.

This place is huge and holds allot more people than I thought it would, holding up to 165,000 people and having some of the most extraordinarily steep banking. It is almost like a big aluminum bowl, and I can only imagine how loud this place is on race day. The congestion inherent in this facility and the power of the cars has been likened to “flying fighter jets in a gymnasium”. On the same location sits “Thunder Valley” a full-blown drag strip that hosts NHRA events each year.

This was taken with the 8-15mm Fisheye.

Some fun facts

The track has hosted an NFL game in 1961, “Days of Thunder” was filmed at Bristol, the starting grid for the race is 43 cars, so if you are in the back of the pack you are 1/2 lap down at the start of the race.


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  1. Mike, that rocks!! Def dislike NASCAR short track races….but great in this pic!!!

  2. Awesome, Mike! That’s great that they let people in when no events are going on! Nice work!

  3. Beautiful shot of the speedway, Mike. Perfect use of the ole fish on this. Awesome work, man!

  4. Short tracks are not my favorite, but the variety in track sizes and types adds some interest to the sport. Looks like you could hold a football game in the middle infield area if they got that post out of the way. This is just a great capture.

  5. Wao! It is so outstanding all the colors from the stadium and the sky . This is a shot from an apt photographer. It is so masterfully taken that it seems to be photo shoped while it is not.

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Bristol Motor Speedway