Bristol Home Stretch

Bristol Home Stretch – Bristol Motor Speedway

The Bristol Home Stretch, I am not a huge NASCAR fan but I will enjoy a few races during the season, and with the Daytona 500 coming up I thought a NASCAR venue would be appropriate when passing through Tennessee on the way to beautiful Asheville it is always worth a quick stop to see the Speedway. They have a nice gift shop there and if you stop during business hours you can wander right into the huge race coliseum that holds over 160,000 people on race day, and yes that is an actual full-size football field in the infield area. It really is something to see and really fun to photograph, especially when you have a nice wide tilt-shift to grab that spacious pano to give a little perspective on this place. The clouds were perfect and the backdrop of the mountains made for a great scene. I found it hard to believe they just let people wander in and have at the place as big as it is but they do. Not many places like that around anymore.   click image to supersize!

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  1. Awesome, Mike! I don’t watch too many races either, but I do enjoy Daytona and Indy 500s.. Hope it’s a good race this wknd!

  2. What a wonderful shot, Mike! pretty breathtaking view. ;-)

  3. This is huge! Awesome way to capture the hugeness of the stadium.

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Bristol Home Stretch