Botany Reflections

Botany Bay Reflections

If you are ever near Edisto Island South Carolina I would suggest a stop at Botony Bay, it is a hidden little gem on the island that once was home to three plantations. It is now a wildlife management area. The actual entrance is a bit hard to find but when you do you are greeted by volunteers to fill out a short form for a pass to be on the property. It is a beautiful area to say the least, full of wildlife, gators and the best part is a stretch of untouched beach that is just awesome. The beach is littered with all kinds of shells, from small to large. They have volunteers watching the main beach entrance through the day as taking shells, driftwood or anything for that matter is strictly prohibited.

We spent some time shooting on the beach, although it was very sunny and harsh as we were there around midday, I am going to try to get back here for sunrise when I get down that way again.

With the map they provided we drove around the historic plantation locations and ran into this guy sunning himself-

1-2015 Botony II

It was pretty cool seeing this badass gator in the wild, he did not seem to mind us much though. Although we did not stick around long with the look we were getting.

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  1. Nice. I love the shell pic.

    Don’t worry about the ‘gator. He won’t hurt you, although he does look pretty mean, as those things go.

  2. I really like that shot with the shell and the reflection. Perfect!

  3. These shots warm me up on this cold winter morning Mike. Will be heading south next week so gators and seashells are in my future.

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Botany Bay Reflections