After a very short discussion with my wife in Gettysburg last weekend over a couple of Belgium beers, we have two new children in the house….meet Bella and Gomer, Boston Terriers, brother, and sister….it’s been fun and very hard to process photographs…I promise I will catch up with everyone!

Gomer on the left….

11-2013 Bella and Gomer

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  1. OMG they’re so cute Mike. Congratulations and have fun with these two sweeties.

  2. Congratulations. :)

  3. Too cute Mike. Good luck with them. By the way, I thought the title was referring to you being a Red Sox fan.

  4. Gomer looks like he’s withholding judgment. For now. Bella seems a lot more hopeful and ready to please. Best wishes to the whole family.

  5. Our neighbor takes in rescue Boston Terriers, so I have met quite a few and they have all been wonderful dogs. You have made a good choice, Mike.

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