Blue Hour at The Palace II

A couple of shots taken at blue hour on an early morning hike from Fishermans Wharf down to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco California. Such a photogenic place in the morning hours before sunrise.

Blue Hour at The Palace III


These shots were taken a little over a year ago, captured with the Canon 7D processed in Photomatix.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Golden light in the blue hour. Two superb images

  2. These images are absolute killer Mike. Amazing blue hour light and so well processed. That bottom image should be on your wall!

  3. There’s no better color combination than the blue of the early morning and the golden yellow of the artificial lights as these two excellent images prove. Nice one, Mike!

  4. Spectacular images Mike. I love the reflections in the lake.

  5. Love that place. Those are really nice shots Mike. I especially like the first one.

  6. This is wonderful, Mike! You get to the nicest places and then get the best out of them!

  7. Great architecture combined with both warm and cold light! Beauty!

  8. Beautiful details. Fantastic architecture. Last time I visited it was under renovation. Looks like they may have finished.

  9. What great tones and colors here, Mike, they do a great job of bringing all the details out!

  10. Awesome images, Mike! The contrast in colors is striking. Nice work!

  11. Awesome work!!! Great processing… Could see hanging on a wall somewhere!

  12. that’s awesome T-Wiz! I shot here about 3 yrs ago but need to return on one of my SFO trips – well done!!

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Blue Hour at The Palace