Bed of Gold

Bed of Gold-Crested Butte Colorado

We had many stops driving around the Crested Butte area of Colorado in the great Rocky Mountains and as I mentioned in another post the weather was constantly changing throughout the day, light rain, light snow, spots of sunshine, it truly was changing every minute. At one point we ventured into a bright Aspen stand and the entire part of the wooded floor of the forest was covered with ferns, the fern happened to have some fall color themselves, almost a golden brown color.

The magic of this spot was when the sun finally decided to poke through the clouds for short spurts, you had to be ready to click away because the sun was having a hard time going through the cloud cover, but when it finally did it really lit the Aspens and ferns up to an almost magical glow in the forest, it was quite the scene for sure, and only lasted a few seconds as the sun went away as fast as it appeared. It was really amazing how the colors glowed in the bright sun.

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Bed of GOLD