Bass Harbor Light

 Bass Harbor Light

On Monday afternoon the #NxNW crew decided that Bass Harbor Lighthouse would be our sunset location that evening. This is a pretty popular spot for capturing sunset’s, and if you ever plan on shooting at this spot for a sunset, get there early. The location does not accommodate much parking, and the terrain does not accommodate many photographers. After walking down a small path there is a very rocky shoreline where everyone sets up for the evenings magic. It pretty much depends on where the first photographer sets up as to where the actual line of photographers start to set up to form the grid. Tripod legs crossed elbow to elbow we all waited in the photographer scrum on top of various boulders waiting for the sunset. Some late stragglers tried to grab a spot in front of the group only to be yelled at to move, let’s face it, it’s pretty hard getting in front of a group of 30-40 people with mostly wide-angle glass.

The sunset was not spectacular, the sky was clear but the sun did present a nice glow on the lighthouse and shoreline, I used my 16-35 to get a nice flare in the frame to make it a bit more interesting. If you look close in the middle of the frame by the bottom pine tree you can see fellow adventurer Chris Nitz making magic on the coastline.

Thanks for stopping, everyone enjoys the Holiday and has a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. What a beautiful warm light! Gorgeous even if the sunset disappointed a little! Good form Wiz!

  2. Stunning light, beautiful place.

  3. The light coupled with the sunburst is killer Mike.

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Bass Harbor Light